AITA for telling my biological daughter that I never want to speak to her again?

My mum was a partier as a young girl and got knocked up by a guy. When she kept the pregnancy, he skipped town.

When I was 12 I found him on Facebook. I didn't even want child support, I just wanted to know him, to know the person that was half of me. He informed me he had a wife and was not interested in knowing me. He blocked me. That was our first and last contact.

It devestated me. You don't know rejection until it's at the hand of one of the people who created you. I became clinically depressed and had terrible self esteem because of that. When you have sex you take the risk that it will make a baby, even with modern contraception. Your character dictates what you do after the baby comes, and your choice shows weak character. The mums actions don't matter here, you were selfish then and you are selfish now.

YTA. I hope that poor girl realizes she doesn't need your deadbeat ass.

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