AITA for telling my sister that she’s not gay?

Based on your sister’s comments it seems like she might find women attractive but is uncomfortable with the idea of actual sex with other women. I think this points to a few different possibilities (including but not limited to): your sister is heterosexual but biromantic, your sister is biromantic/bisexual but is dealing with some internalized misogyny/homophobia that makes the idea of sex with another woman seem repulsive to her, your sister is somewhere on the queer spectrum but is still in the questioning part of figuring out how she identifies, or your sister is heterosexual/heteroromantic and has a normal aesthetic appreciation of other women that she’s taken a bit too far. I can understand your frustration with her seemingly using herself as queerbait for clout without actually being queer (talking the talk but not walking the walk). NTA for now but try to have an open conversation with her and see where she’s at before casting any more judgment.

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