AITA for telling my (21) boyfriend (22) he either needs to marry me or I’m having an abortion

This is gona get a bit preachy, but and its probably going to be unpopular, but I say YTA. I ask that people hold their votes till the end.

Honestly i've always seen it as a bit fucked up that women in society apparently get 100% of the decision making when it comes to abortion.

They get to keep it and demand finacial support even though it took 2 to tango and in cases like this, they get to destroy it regardless of if the man would want to raise the child himself.

Now, obviously the bf can't expect her to raise the kid on her own if she doesn't want to, but it just seems manipulative to demand it like this.

Rather than outright making an ultimatum, it should have started with a discussion. What about us? Are we going to get married? Are you going to raise the kid yourself?

Creating a child takes 2, it seems like both should have a say and it seems fucked up to pin it like this.

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