AITA for telling my friend I really don't care if she's pregnant or not?

I say this lightly but imo YTA. If you’re off on a weekend trip that would likely have a bearing on a few things, namely drinking alcohol, eating certain foods, etc and it would likely come up in some capacity and chatting for ten minutes out a weekend is not a huge chunk of time. It sounds like you’re having a hard time with your own experiences and I feel for you but you shut your friend off something that might be meaningful to her and then called her disrespectful for it. You’re telling her you don’t care about her experiences, so in that light why does she need to care about yours? It’s a little self absorbed.

To make another sort of comparison I struggled for a while after a bereavement to hear friends talk about family members etc being ill but I would never tell them to be quiet. It’s about finding ways to process your own feelings.

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