AITA for telling my wife I don’t want to try for another baby a month after she gave birth

Real talk. Don’t try for another kid, just because ‘she wants more kids’. Her body will be depleted at the moment, the ‘watching him with tears in her eyes’ is potentially concerning, as is her level of possessiveness.

Your wife is almost certainly in what my Nana calls ‘breeder mode’. You are going to need to be careful, as she may do herself a severe trauma trying to race to have another kid ‘as a friend’ for your baby.

Reason for holding this opinion? One Sister who has endured much suffering from trying to race through having kids. A SIL who has only had miscarriages and grief from ignoring most advice. And the sensible BIL from my wife’s family who has had a number of kids (happily married, so all with the same woman) with a good gap between each to allow her body to recover. The children are well adjusted, and care for each other, in spite of a larger age gap between them.

And for the sake of a full disclosure, my wife and I would very much like a child, but we have not been so blessed.

If you both want more kids, take the time to make sure she is fully recovered, bloods, some counselling to make sure she’s bonded in a healthy way, and let the strongest hormone changes wear off!

You have time on your side, and, unless you needed assistance with the pregnancy this time, you should be able to start another one when you are both ready. ‘Decide in haste, regret at leisure’ is still a thing.

PS. I’m from a large family, close births can turn children into rivals for their parents attention very easily. Believe me when I say that does not go well. PPS. I’ve potentially put too much information in this, I’ve anonymised it as much as I can, but I may review it and erase it later.

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