AITA for telling my future MIL no one gives a shit about her hurt feelings; her husband is not coming to our wedding?

I’m seeing a lot of YTA and ESH and honestly I just don’t agree. Yes, Lucy was cheated on and I’m sure that her “love for her job” was trying to support the lifestyle of being a single parent trying to make ends meet. I don’t know what their financial situation looked like but this is very common in divorces. Because of this, Kevin felt neglected and didn’t know what to say to his mother to let her know he felt this way. So when he’s able to spend time with his dad who he can have fun with and feel comfortable around then of course a child would prefer that environment. Then when Mark came into the picture it doesn’t seem like he tried to see Kevin’s point of view whatsoever and just kicked him out? Like did Lucy not even try to intervene or was she okay with it?

You aren’t TA and neither are Kevin nor Lucy. Kevin felt neglected and Lucy felt betrayed yet again. Mark and Kevin’s dad are the bigger AH here for respectively kicking Kevin out of the house and cheating on his wife. What I would suggest would be for Kevin and Lucy to sit down and really have a heart to heart, discussing how each of them were hurt by the other’s actions. No one wants to miss their child’s wedding and I’m sure he still loves his mom.

I’m a child of a messy divorce and this situation is very similar to me. I disliked my mom for putting her job and the gym before me and I blamed how I turned out on that for a long time, even preferring to live with my drunk dad in a trailer. It wasn’t until I grew up that I was able to sit down with my mom and tell her how I felt and also listen to what she had to say. Our relationship has never been stronger.

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