AITA for telling my nephew that subtraction isn't real and telling him forbidden knowledge about imaginary numbers?

I literally do not understand the YTA comments on this thread. You all sound like you're bad at math. Subtraction IS a form of addition and al l the stuff about imaginary numbers is a real hint so I don't understand the brothers anger considering his ignorance on the topic. I could understand if the kid was struggling to understand what you were teaching him because it's definitely something you're taught later in math but it sounded like he not only understood but it piqued his interest in math - a positive outcome. I work in the engineering field and my niece asked me for math help with fractions I taught her about reciprocals even though it was a bit ahead of what she learned. It made her better at dividing fractions and she aced her test and is doing quite well in math now because it boosted her confidence and understanding of the subject. I also don't understand the teachers anger - this should've been an opportunity to commend your nephew on going beyond his lesson/current understanding and used as a teaching moment and instead she decided to punish him for knowing? Pathetic as a teacher to feel slighted by a child being actually interested in math.

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