AITA for telling my girlfriend she's not allowed to tell my daughter what to do

Exactly. I commented elsewhere. This particular situation, not a problem. I wouldn't be telling my stepson what he should or shouldn't wear to a party. He's 15. If it's weird or whatever, that's on him.

NOW, the bigger picture here is that it SEEMS like OP doesn't want his gf having ANY say in anything, this will breed resentment a disrespect on ALL sides. I commented on another comment, that would be a major red flag for me. I moved in and bought a house with my now husband three years ago, we split it in half. It was very hard the first year, developing a dynamic. I support my stepson like he is my own, I brought no kids Into the relationship. My stepson's mother pays no child support and barely sees him. I have stepped into her role, essentially. My stepson lives with my husband and me full time and I am his primary parent. At 15 he doesn't need as much caring for like he did when I first came along, he moved with us at 12. I have worked hard to try and create an independent teen. He still has issues, grades are bad, got into trouble. But for all decisions, my husband consults with me. He doesn't make unilateral decisions, especially since these decisions would absolutely affect me.

My husband leaves for months for work voluntarily. If my husband said to me that while he is gone, his 15 year old had free reign, I would be gone. I'm doing all parental duties and making sure your kid is cared for but you have the audacity to imply that I don't have to be respected ABSOLUTELY NOT.

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