AITA for telling a trans man "I'm definitely a woman" after they joked about me being more masculine than them?

I was leaning to everyone sucks here, but I read it again and realized that the server is female to male and not the other way around, so you saying that you're "definitely a woman" shouldn't hurt their feelings since you didn't make a comment on their gender, which is male. So NTA. If they were mtf it could have been interpreted as you saying that they aren't really a woman because they're transgender.

I also don't think that your colleague is an asshole here, I think that he most likely meant that as a compliment since, as a trans guy, he probably thinks about being buff more than other people do. It was probably just a joke that came off as offensive. Maybe he's embarrassed or thinks that you don't like him and that's why he's avoiding you.

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