Aita for terminating my pregnancy without my husband knowing?

Oh dear... YTA, YTA so bad. Have you even considered the mental toll these "miscarriages" take on your husband? Women aren't the only ones who go into depression after losing a baby. What kind of horrible deceitful marriage is this? If you don't want kids, TELL HIM YOU DONT WANT KIDS. Don't traumatize him with babies' deaths one after another! It is your body, but it's HIS child too. And not to mention you can't say "my body my choice" when you literally didn't even say what your choice was, in hopes that he would just forget it. He could just as easily cheat on you with another woman, then not see the issue because "it's his body". This man deserves a woman who's honest and actually considers his feelings and is open about her own, so you either make yourself a better person, starting by telling him the whole truth, or watch your marriage crumble.

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