AITA for Waiting for my Fast Food at the Window?

As a fast food employee, I can definitively say YTA, OP. Food takes different times to make. I work at a well known chicken place, and there are certain items that we pretty much immediately ask to pull forward, usually because they've ordered something that isn't consistently made. For example, a customer who order a 4 finger plate is going to get their food faster than a person who orders fried cheese bites. Why? Because we have chicken prepped and ready, as it's the most popular thing on the menu. For the bites, they're kept in the freezer, grabbed whenever they're needed, and have to go through the fryer before they can be given out. It takes ~4 minutes to fry them, plus the prep and bagging time for anything else they may have ordered. Or, if you've caught a restaurant at the end of a huge rush, they may be having to make up for the lost supply. Even more, certain foods have times for how long they can sit in a warmer before you have to throw it out and make a new batch. It's not a matter of wanting to upset you or lose your business. We have drive times and food prep orders forced on us by corporate, and we have to follow them or risk harsh consequences or being shut down. They're not asking you to pull forward "to make business look good," it's because they literally HAVE to. I've been yelled at it before, and trust me, it's not because I just don't like you or feel like making your day longer. You're choosing to throw a fit over something that is an enforced rule of the company. If they're a good business, I promise you that they are TRYING to get your food as fast as they can. If the food is lukewarm every time you get it, you can always talk to a manager about it, and most are willing to replace the food for you. So yes, YTA for throwing a fit instead of selecting alternative options or even going to a different restaurant if it's that much of an issue.

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