AITA for wanting closure

I’ve been the Aurora in this situation. Had two mentally ill friends who were in a really bad way, really badly unwell - cheating on partners, quitting jobs, pissing away money, self-harming, hospitalisations, faking on plans, angry irrational outbursts, delusional behaviour, wildly misinterpreting medical advice so convince themselves that their bad behaviour was recommended, and so on.

After several years of doing things like travelling 200 miles to visit them because they apparently couldn’t travel, visiting them in hospital, completing university assignments for them, lending money, and listening to them vent non-stop while they refused to stick to any treatment, they jointly wrote me a letter listing all the ways they thought I’d failed as a friend. Saying I was too harsh with them when they hurt people, made them feel bad for cancelling plans and ignoring me, I was showing off my successful life, and so on, before they cut me off entirely.

If they reached out to me now expecting an apology from me, I’d spit in their faces, and they’d deserve it.

I hope this helps you see how badly you have treated Aurora and why you are not deserving of any apology from her.

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