AITA for wanting to elope after my parents cut my wedding budget in half?

I mean... 17K is a decent wedding budget. Granted, they originally told you twice as much, and I get that it's more about the ongoing moving target. But you can throw a nice event for 17K.

And the thing about eloping is that you don't need permission. That's the whole idea, that you just do it. If you want to elope, then elope. If you are using it as a threat to get what you want, then that is as uncool as your parents' behavior.

It sounds like your mom is being a huge pain, it sounds like you're on unsteady ground with the budget. But it also sounds like you need to take charge and plan the event you want with the money you have. (Be that a 17k wedding, a 10k wedding, you and him at city hall followed by a nice dinner, or a flight to Las Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator.)

Gentle ESH. Take the reigns.

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