AITA For Wanting No Military Uniforms At My Wedding?

YTA, it's yours and HIS wedding. If he wants to wear a uniform, its his choice. Would you let him tell you not to wear a dress? No, so let him. I was in the Army for 6 years I'll be damned if my wife would tell me not to wear my dress uniform for our wedding. I would end a relationship if she wouldn't allow it since it shows her lack of respect towards me. It's more of an honor and pride thing than showing off "oh I served worship me" especially if he was in the marines, being in that branch is hard enough as it is and sucks for them as it is so they have the most pride than any service. I lost friends when I served, so I wear it for them and for it being a special occasion, but if you don't respect his choice then do you really love him enough for your marriage to last? Wearing a uniform makes him stand out like your dress does and its a special day for him as much as it is for you. Him wearing it doesn't go against love and happiness of the occasion. If you are anti-military, why even marry him? Most of us look forward to wearing it for our weddings like women look forward to wearing dresses. Marriage is based on compromise and this is something small. If you can't do this, how are you gonna deal with raising children and making life decisions together?

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