AITA for wanting a second apartment and asking my bf to split the costs?


I have to give my reply to the company today.

They have an office in my current city with no job opening there, sadly.

I plan to answer that I would absolutely love to work alongside them (they are not a big company), and that I would be honored if they would still consider me should there be a job opening in my current city. I don't know if it's the right decision but it feels right.

I also don't know if my boyfriend is the one, but I also have my family, and dearest friends in my current city, so moving away would suck for that as well.

Thank you, kind (and less kind, but hey, it's the internet!)≤ strangers, for giving me something to bounce off on. I was selfish, because my desire to get "the best of both worlds" blinded me. You can't get the best of both worlds. Only the shitty leftovers that both worlds spout. (somebody make a tshirt) (actually no, don't make a tshirt)

I'll keep grinding at my current work but work isn't everything. I'll find something as good, or better, hopefully.

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