AITA: So I’m not vaccinated and I was mocked and made fun of because of it.

I’m fucking worried about dying and I’m being mocked by some idiot who doesn’t care about me?

I’m not sure if you’re worried the vaccine will injure you or the deadly virus will kill you? I think you might benefit from getting away from the internet and those kinds of perceptions and talk to a doctor about your concerns. The vaccines have been rigorously tested, you can google the vaccine testing stages if you’re worried but they are complete.

Put simply, the vaccine works, people who have the vaccine and get covid, not only is it less probable they’d get covid, it’s also effective at preventing the more serious infections, so you might get covid but it’s unlikely you’d need ventilation. Please just talk to a health provider, and for what it’s worth they are all vaccinated because it’s important for your health.

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