AITA? I talked to my wife’s boss about her being overworked. Now my wife is yelling at me about never trusting me again.

Honestly you reacted to what appears to be a completely desperate situation. The toxic work grind mentality places work in sacred design, well above on the totem from the sanctity of family or the state of mind, the experience granted in the short time we exist. Arguably, beyond were hasty, foolish, reckless. But from your account, she was falling to pieces, everything was shattering, she was being deprived of the bare necessities to function, everything was chaotically swirling towards an inevitable crash. Something very horrible was going to happen, that's the designed fate of our American grind, working to death, at the worshipped altar of being successful. Whoever denies themselves more deeply for the God, flaggelates themselves with the greatest intensity, wins the most favor. Only the favor is never dulled out in this life as anticipated. The shining illusions of being someone, of having it all, break all over the place the second they're placed in your hands. You reacted like a human being and she reacted like a human being to the torture of this trap. You both fell apart, became reckless, overdid it, misjudged, etc. There's nothing good about her trajectory if she's falling apart, working 100 hours a week. Not unless she's the one in a million that thrives on self deprivation like a monk who fasts and only becomes more devout with each passing day. I don't know. No one's the AH, you should never have even asked this. Didn't you know that they would all stone you the second you showed the truth of our false grind workhorse cult? Of course. The only real AH here is the greed driven corporate indoctrinations that brought us here.

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