AITAH For not wanting to be part of my child’s life?

No, he put her in that position and she chose to remain in that position. There's a difference. Also, depending on how pro-life their region is, she might have been shamed into changing her mind (by medical professionals) and raising the baby (by her family).

Yeah, Op says "she decided she wanted to keep it and that she would like us to be a family, this wasn’t in my life plan, I told her that this is not what I want and I told her I don’t think this is going to work and broke up with her( I can admit I probably should’ve went about it better)."

And it sounds like he provided no support, and no room for discussion, just have an abortion or we're done. That's brutal. Like a reasonable might ask "why did you change your mind about keeping it and raising it together?" If her only reason was that the propaganda videos she was forced to watch made her afraid of having an abortion but she really didn't want to start a family, she was just afraid of judgement, then why not support her through pregnancy or the adoption process.

Giving her an abortion ultimatum is an AH move. Dumping someone because of a condition you inflicted upon them is an AH move. This is no better than the network airing Firefly out of order, on a Friday night, in a dead slot, then canceling it for low ratings. He Fireflied her. AH move. If she's siccing everyone on him that's an AH move, but if her family takes it upon themselves, then that's not on her.

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