[AL] In 2000, my mother was told by her divorce lawyer that she could be held responsible for the child porn on my father's laptop since she used it for school, and the lawyer took the laptop.

But then why isn't my father a registered sex offender? If the courts knew about the child porn, ESPECIALLY if it was of me, why did he never go to jail or be added to the sex offender registry? I acknowledge that its a possibility, that I'm the child on the tape and that maybe he DID go to jail and I just never knew and there's no record of it online, but I've looked and he isn't on the SO registry and I thought that possessing child porn, certainly making it, would land you on that list. Protecting the child in question from ever finding out about it doesn't seem like a reason to not face any consequences for your actions.

He got supervised visitation rights when I was a kid, I saw him two weeks over the course of two summers when I was 5 and 6. If the court knew he made child porn of me, even to keep that from me, why would they allow that? Genuine questions here, maybe I just don't know how this stuff works.

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