Al Franken: 'I don't think that this president is equipped to handle the job'

This shit is bananas. Nothing but hate. If you look beyond what the "news" says, you'll see Trump has been getting shit done left and right. Is raising the funding for HBCUs 6x a good thing? Why didn't Obama care about the black middle class? If the budget falls through, and black colleges don't get that desperately needed funding, you'll blame trump even though it was the racist ass democrats. Same democrats who wrote the laws to penalize crack cocaine more than powder. Same racist democrats who wrote enacted Jim Crow. Same racist ass democrats who rebelled against my country to fight a war to keep slaves and then formed the KKK because they're racist ass democrats. I'm a proud black republican, the GOP believes in ALL Americans. The same GOP that freed the slaves. The same GOP that wrote the Civil Rights Act. Fuck this bullshit ass pandering you left wingers do. Fuck Maxine Waters in her gated mansion while her constituents starve at the end of the month. Fucking read Trumps executive orders yourselves, and have some fucking pride in your country.

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