Al Franken: 'I don't think that this president is equipped to handle the job'

I find it scary that Trump is the president who needs to make big calls on North Korea as the situation comes to a head.

First off, Donald Trump is personally fucking responsible for escalating this situation far, far beyond where it was by getting into a dig waving contest with Kim Jong on ... a dude who's father claimed he scored 15 holes in one on a round of golf or some shit, these mother fuckers are not in touch with reality, and Trumps taunting of "fire and fury" along with his pre-election rhetoric has clearly spurred North Korea on to get this done ASAP, Trump has made it clear from day one that he is a massive threat to North Korea and has fed their paranoia, just like he has been the best recruiter for ISIS with all his anti-muslim rhetoric, he has validated the opponents propaganda and given them more power than they ever had, legitimized their rhetoric of a holy war and us against them.

This is your "non-establishment" leader. He has no idea what he's doing. He doesn't even know he's doing it, and that is scary, because who knows what his ego could talk us into. What his ego and lack of diplomacy and inability to understand that politics isn't about shit talking your opponents, it's about working with them - where the saying keep your friends close, your enemies closer couldn't resonate as being more true, Trump has none of the skills required to get the job done, as is evident in the fact that he hasn't, and likely wont, pass a single piece of major legislation during his entire term.... The negotiator couldn't negotiate a single deal. Not one.

The amount of damage this man has done, both domestically and internationally by being so divisive, is incomprehensible.

How much he has antagonized so many against America, the way he has divided the country, because his whole personality is based on conflict. He can't even devise a single policy that isn't against anyone.

I hope Americans who voted for him will realize, ok this guy is a fucking idiot and he literally is all talk and zero substance, but I fear because he's so devisive, he's made people on both sides really dig in, to the extent that the flag is nailed to the mast and no ones changing. Will that be the case? Who knows, but he really needs to lose the mid term elections heavily for the good of the country and the international community at large, so that he can be completely politically castrated and have no chance of any of his crazy shit being done, he will lose all credibility domestically and internationally because everybody knows his own congress doesn't support him.

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