Al Jazeera's Faisal al-Kasim, one of the most influential TV personalities in the Arab world, asked his five million followers, in Arabic, who they'd support if war broke out between Israel and Iran and its militias in Syria -- 56% said Israel.

Iranians would not even want you to speak their language, they only let honorable people do this. People judge others by their fruits, you seem like low quality at best. You have nothing to contribute to them.

But your Iranian lord actually speaks HIS language.

"approximately 8,000 Arabic loanwords in current use (Rāzi) or about forty percent of an everyday literary vocabulary of 20,000 words (not counting compounds and derivatives)" ARABIC LANGUAGE v. Arabic Elements in Persian John R. Perry

If I was a Shiite leader trying to integrate my people in the Lebanese society I would've focused on educating them first rather than empowering them with money and guns from a sectarian sponsor in Persia hanging gays in the streets and forcing women to wear Hijab. Say whatever you want about the KSA-Lebanese sunnis relations, but I don't recall Lebanese sunnis fighting for Saudi in Yemen or drug trafficking in Latin America.

Now seriously, IF the Satanic regime in Iran is facing serious protests attempting to topple the Islamic regime, where do you think you and your Hizbullah brothers will be sent to? Tehran or Qom ? or maybe Ahwaz?

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