Alabama state lawmakers on Tuesday passed a bill that would require child sex offenders to be chemically castrated before their release from prison.

My own particular solution to CSO's would be exile to isolated neighborhoods or communities. Such individuals, once released from prison should be allowed to live normal, productive lives, but in isolated communities where no children are present. It seems to me that the best way to prevent recidivism just is to massively inhibit sex offenders from accessing children in any way, shape or form. I see this as being more consistent with the idea of justice in that it A. does not permanently disfigure an individual who has been already been punished by the criminal justice system, and B. Acknowledges the severity of their crime and the threat they pose to children by permanently separating them from children for perpetuity.

This is the best solution to pedophiles I have heard. I don’t agree with castration as a punishment for child sex crimes because 1) It’s about power and control, not sex; 2) I don’t like the idea of altering something that has a wide application, i.e. I don’t like the idea of making it so they can’t enjoy sexual pleasure at all; and 3) It’s an overstep of government, and I sure as hell don’t trust them with that kind of decision.

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