Albert Einstein once said "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." What was your moment when someone judged you like that?

I had a similar experience, though not to quite the same degree. Had a phone interview with the hiring manager for a data analyst role where I was clear that my SQL knowledge was very limited and learned through web development rather than data analysis. Told him I wanted to improve my SQL but wouldn't lie that I was proficient already.

Was invited to interview and explained the same to the interviewers (the hiring manager was not one of them). Talked through my skills and experience in my current data analyst role. They said it was fine that I wasn't an SQL expert but wanted me to take their test anyway - "just to see where I was at". They said it wouldn't be a major factor. Unsurprisingly I struggled though was able to make reasonable guesses at mostly correct answers, just not using the proper syntax.

Hiring manager comes in to mark the test, talks me through all the things I did wrong and then was just like "ok let's end it there, bye". There was supposed to be another part to the interview but they just skipped it and escorted me out. It was embarrassing.

I totally understand that I might not have been right for the role but I was honest about my skills and it just felt like such a waste of everyone's time to even interview me if the SQL portion was so important. They could have just said from the very first phone interview that they needed me to have those skills and wouldn't be able to invest the time to get me up to speed.

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