Alberta considers leaving Canada Pension Plan - Would increase premiums 10% for rest of Canada

Please inform the last time canada illegally invaded a foreign country? Martial law has nothing to do with what you are proposing.

It wouldn't be a foreign country, the rail lines belong to us ;)

Quite a few albertans in the military. We will keep your gear and make our own. Hell we can even buy some from America.

That's fine, but there's more of us than there are you, nevermind the people who would choose to remain Canadians.

How long has the afghan war been going on for now? I thought people wouldve figured out that fighting a geurilla war in a foreign country rarely turns out well. I guess not though.

I mean, Albertans can't even figure out how to move to where the jobs are, I'm not particularly afraid of oil-slob guerilla warfare

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