I was told my Narc after the discard during the divorce process legitimately became an alcoholic from the mutual friend that lived with him after I moved out (long story). He had only been drunk once before a couple months before that. I often heard stories from people in town (small town Midwest stuff spreads fast) of his drunk rampages and creeping out girls (and dudes), and he was at bars alone every single night trying to talk to people and pick up girls. One of my closest friends was a bartender at a bar in town, and he talked a ton about how he couldn't get laid while drunk; he was dumb and didn't even realize we were friends. I was told a story of how he spent hunderds of dollars on alcohol to bribe people he knew to get together to impress a girl he met on tinder, and how he had another drunk meltdown and lost all his friends. Honestly, I don't care if he became an actual alcoholic, but judging from all the stories I was told by a lot of people I'd gather yes he became an alcoholic.

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