ALERT- Americans exercising their rights!

Im an ROTC Cadet at my university. We are in a mid sized city so we dont have a lot of space which leaves us so we do our weekly drilling in campus owned park. It always makes me nervous though when we have our dummy rifles and move around in tactical formations. You never know what whacko would think we are "terrorists" and freak out or shoot at us. We also have a lot of foreign students who arent used to being around military, especially US military types. I get that we are in uniform and getting shot at is part of what you might have to expect in your career, but regardless. I also just dont like the fact that we dont have better areas to stay out of other peoples' hair.

We once fired our cannon (blanks) with permission from the Police department, outside of the police dept where we usually train, and an arts professor came out of his office, then proceeded to get in our commander's face and yell at us saying that we shouldnt be allowed to fire a cannon. I hope he had the sense to assume it was a blank..

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