Alert Bitcoin has been under attack by establishment trolls all of 2014.

To the skeptics here, thinking these professional trolls don't exist:

First of all, it's perfectly understandable to be skeptical about it. So was I, until I found some "proof".

It's not really proof, but I've discovered signs of very high probability. And it wasn't on the /r/Bitcoin sub.

The case is Net Neutrality. There is not a single reason for mortals like us, to be opposed to Net Neutrality. Any informed person who hasn't got a stock in some big company, has every reason to be opposed against bills that kill Net Neutrality.

Yet, recently, the US Government asked for user feedback on Net Neutrality. The majority of "the people" voted against Net Neutrality. The majority of "the people" supposedly took the time to tell the government that they want to get rid of Net Neutrality. The public supposedly supports internet traffic to be cut in a "fast lane" and a "slow lane" where websites have to pay money to internet providers to be put on the fast-lane, which users would have to pay for eventually.

60 % of the people supposedly want to see an end of Net Neutrality, which has been existence since the dawn of the internet. Yeah right.

Now tell me again that there is no botting, no professional trolling. Manipulation is real, and it's happening by bots. And Reddit is one of the biggest places these bots would be active, downvoting and upvoting comments, steering conversations and the hivemind in one way or another.

These bot networks are technically very possible, so I suppose they exist. The question is just if there are companies out there who have too much money on their hands (banks...) who are willing to pay for these bot networks, to have additional buffs on for example /r/Bitcoin's voting system.


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