Alert: Trumpcare is horrible, and it affects everyone, even those with healthcare through employers. Today might be the day of reckoning, where the House either kills the bill or gets enough votes to head to Senate. Call your Reps and tell them NO, WE DON'T WANT THIS.

As a baby boomer who supported Bernie Sanders with money and time, I find your comment to be offensive. There are millions of boomers who have spent their lives fighting these fucks every step of the way.

Yet you are here doing exactly what the right wants you to do; stir up hate between large groups of people based on age, race, or whatever works for them... even going to the extreme of dehumanizing large groups with hate speech (like calling many millions of people "a cancer" based solely on their dates of birth), all in an effort to divert attention away from the corruption, greed, and evil created by the right.

So I'm guessing you're probably a right-wing Trump troll, because nobody on our side of this would spew the type of hate you are advocating here. What you're saying sounds like classic Trump-talk.

Assigning dehumanizing stereotypes to massive groups of people based on age (or race, or sex, or disability, etc.) isn't new. In fact, it has been done throughout history, and has sometimes led to mass-murder and genocide. It is critical, therefore, that your type of thinking be squelched like a bug before the sickness spreads. People who advocate this type of hate should be called out and shamed.

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