Alex Gustafsson KOes Glover Teixeira with a triplet of upper cuts and a big right hook

Can we get an all time great UFC boxer list? I’ll start with my obvious starts.

1.) James “lights out” Tony, his display of the Philly Shell defense and brutal power striking was insanely impressive with his notable knockout/upset of Randy Couture.

2.) Dominick Cruz, even though Cody worked him on the feet I believe Dom is one of the best pure boxers of the sport. His Footwork and Head movement are amazing and his striking is technically sound.

3.) Conor. That Irish bastard can box man. His fight with Floyd aside he has a very deceptive striking style that just translates better when he can utilize kick feints to set up a certain response from his opponents. He is also one of the best counter strikers in the game.

4.) Alexander Gustafsson, this guy can box everything is super crisp. His footwork is great and he snaps his punches incredibly well.

5.) Nickolas Robert Diaz, his boxing is honestly amazing he is like A more aggressive Micky Ward with the way he is always able to capitalize on the drop of triangulation from his opponents digging into the body relentlessly until that jawline is exposed and making you pay every second. His volume is incredible and his accuracy is above average he easily overwhelms and outworks any opposition.

6.) Nathan Donald Diaz, is here because honestly his wins over Marcus Davis and Gomi looked really impressive. His boxing is better than people give him credit for. Also his win over Conor continues to age well imo

7.) Reyes, man he looks good on the feet for being so young in combat sports. I don’t know much about him or his boxing coach but shout out to him because his last fight shut me right the fuck up.

8.) Holly Holm, if you don’t know. Now you do know. Feel me? She honestly should be further up this list but its so hard.

9.) Valentina Anatolievna Shevchenko. Her hands are fast and her combos are accurate. Terrifying for sure.

10.) Stipe what can I say about the world’s true BMF? When he shows up he really impresses the shit out of me. He made Francis swing at A lot of air. His head movement and angle work is always entertaining.

Anyway that’s my personal list.

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