Alex Jones can't handle ridicule in public and loses his shit

Most people only really hear about his rantings about frogs turning gay, and think he's just a big joke. While he is a big joke, it's a joke that many, many people take seriously, and most of conspiracy bullshit is a whole lot more dangerous than gay frogs.

He tells his listeners that you are driven by demonic forces.

That's literal. Jones regularly tells his millions of listeners that there is a great Satanic conspiracy, and that all liberals are at the heart of it. Lady Gaga's superbowl halftime show was satanic ritual. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scala was murdered by satanists.

It goes on and on.

For example, he claims there a plan in place, lead by Bill Gates, supported by the Democratic party, to wipe out the white race. He is telling his crazed, moron followers -- millions of them -- that Bill Gates and the Democratic party intend on committing genocide on white people. That's not hyperbole.

Pizzagate, that was Alex leading the charge. 9/11 was an inside job was also Alex. Though perhaps he wasn't the lead horse back in those days, the 9/11 bullshit is how he came to national attention.

He's anti-vax, so you can give Alex his share of thanks for measles outbreaks.

Tornadoes are caused by the government. Mass shootings, all of the them, are false flags perpetrated by the government.

This shit has been going on for decades. The list of bullshit is too long, and a lot of it is designed to rile up his followers into a frothing frenzy.

I really do believe Alex Jones bears personal complicity for the uptick of right wing terrorism in the United States. He's not the sole cause. He's not the primary cause. But he's making his best effort at inflaming the situation...

...all so he can buy some snake-oil vitamin supplements. Jones has said in a court case that he is playing a character on the radio. He doesn't really believe his own crap. It's all just to get a fan base who are willing to shell out for the vitamin water he peddles.

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