Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez working as a bartender at a Mexican restaurant months before defeating Crowley and being elected to US congress.

Where’s the evidence this is her?

They’re pushing another female president. Trying to get all the stereotypes filled with her. They learnt from Clinton’s failure that just being a female didn’t get enough of the crowd so they had to add every other oppressed group to this individual in hopes it’ll work.

She’s an “oppressed” female with her stereotypical last name who is “just like everyone else” because look at her with a normal job, being just another normal citizen, that can speak the mind of all of us because “she’s just like us” and knows “our struggles”.

You lot fall for this shit so easily. Sure, she worked a minimum wage bartender job just before she happened to get super rich and out of nowhere became all in the political spotlight. Her vast bartending knowledge surely was enough experience for the job...

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