(alinity drama)Thank you guys for making me rethink my behaviour and life choices

Ultimately the way we treat different classes of animals is selfish every thing we do in regards to animals is only because it makes us feel bad or good. There's gotta be a distinction between animals raised for food and peoples personal pets, because with a personal pet if something bad were to happen to it you would cause a human a great deal of prolonged emotional stress, especially if that pet was relied upon for emotional support by a lonely person like what I do with my cats. I highly doubt that you people feel the same degree of emotional trauma towards some animal that you didn't even know personally.

That being said i am for a different solution to meat and would eat meat substitute instead if it was just as good, the problem is if I stop eating meat, that meat will still be on the shelves and will get thrown away instead of consumed and nothing will change with the meat industry. I'd rather not let that animals life go to waste, there's already so much food waste in this country as it is

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