'Alita: Battle Angel': Robert Rodriguez Is Still Open To Making An Sequel With James Cameron

we’ve already got a live action adaptation, why not have the sequel it obviously teased at the end?

Because it wasn't good enough to justify a sequel?

I'm only now superficially aware of the general plot points of the Alita manga / anime, but even watching the film cold it was clear that they mashed like 5 plot arcs together and crammed them into one film. u/InRedditasVeritas is right that these arcs need a series to breathe.

It also wasn't well-made. Certain parts were really good, but the cringetopia romance with that awful actor of a love interest was executed terribly. It was supposed to be the heart and soul of the film, so botching it is pretty unforgivable.

Rosa Salazar was goddamn excellent though, so it's a real shame.

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