Alito Calls Decision Expanding LGBTQ Worker Rights ‘Indefensible’

I know free speech ...

But how is, when this is clear and obvious bigotry (homophobia) - is allowed. Its a protected class.

I know this is the discussion going on, that the law makers seemingly are above the laws they make ("I cant be homophobic if I change the law ...") - but surely at some point, someone, like say a sitting president - can turn around and say enough is enough - you cannot scream homophobic views (that LGBQT+ should be a different class of people with different rights, or no rights) and be allowed to continue in a job for the state, not just that job, but a job in which your decisions can clearly impact those protected classes. I am sure there are plenty of steps to go through, but I just dont understand how he can say something like this and the president (and dems) aren't just screaming "gotcha" and slamming him with whatever methods they need to remove him.

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