We all know that an evil smartphone OS can be bad for privacy, but what are realistic risks of your hardware stealing your data DESPITE a good, privacy conscious OS?

I basically want a device I can connect to the internet with, listen to songs from youtube ,and have it automatically turn off/sleep when I stop giving it input (fall asleep).

Everyone likes Librem, but it is just too expensive for me. I don't get the bigger better stronger fixation with smartphones. Why would I spend 1000$ on a smartphone if I can buy a whole computer for that money? 650$ is just too much. I have used a 60$ smartphone for 3 years now, and it has served me just as well as anything (though I never go online with it because of privacy).

I wish they would make a cheap phone for normal people. I don't need a fancy camera, lots of ram and stuff. I just need it to be mediocre. But what is important is that it has a privacy OS and hardware.

Sigh.. Is there a Librem 4 or 3 to buy? Maybe those are cheaper...

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