Do all of the concepts in "Playing To Win" still hold up today?

Some players, in sites that host many different kinds of flash games, they may just need a short glance to decide whether they want to play some "pay to win" game. They are just wary of falling for the "scam" again. Game publishers notice that many games that are made in China are so profitable, that they may just need a few months on the market to turn a profit and then it's anyone's guess how it will end, as the game developers just move on to create the next thing.

The economic of it is that it works. You give people a chance to spend some money, and you are more likely than not to get what you wanted from the players. So in a way we are having game developers and publishers expanding on the idea that a "pay to win" game that may last just months will already pay for the troubles and then some.

Given how every game is adding these "pay to win" features, the games are not just waiting for so-called whales to come and spend their thousands of dollars. They are actively hunting those whales and perhaps breeding new whales so they can make even more of a fortune. Many players are going to pay $1,000 on a single online game, or "pay to win" game. Rather than buy 20 new games for themselves.

For most players, they just cannot keep up with that. They may even spend $1,000 on some game once, but when they start a new game they may think twice before doing that again.

It's incredible that someone can start a new flash game, and in the first hour spend $50 on it and the next day quit it... :-)

But it's also incredible how easy these games are making for people to spend money while playing on their phones. People are still spending $1,000 on a game that they can barely play on their phones. Just because those who have good wages and can afford to pay that much, are more likely to have a phone with them with which they can play some games than a computer they can sit at for hours on end.

I think as players we may be unaware of what is going on. But the game companies are competing with one another to see how they can get to the players and their wallets before the other ones do so. As players, we can only prepare to be scammed again and again. :-)

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