To all the couples who began their LDR at 15-16 years of age. How long did it take to meet each other?

My boyfriend (17m) and I (16f) met ~6 months ago, and have been dating for 5. He lives in Sweden, and I'm nearly on the exact opposite side of the world in Australia. We met on reddit, and instantly started chatting every day. Both of us like playing games, so we started playing Minecraft and Path of Exile while voice calling. Soon after we started dating, we had our first video call, which was the first time we'd ever seen each other! :D

We started by calling maybe 3 times a week, which was as much as we could manage with school and time differences (8-10 hours :/ ). Now we skype every day though (after sacrificing a little bit of sleep), unless one of us is away or busy :3

It was looking like the first time we'd meet would be June/July 2015, but a few months ago he mentioned that his parents really wanted to visit Australia, and that if they did then they wouldn't mind him staying with me. At that point it was still very much a big 'maybe', but after a few weeks they decided that they would stay here for two weeks over Christmas.

They flew in the Monday before last, and my family and I drove a few hours down to Sydney to meet them. We spent two nights in Sydney and visited a few places with him and his family. I was a little nervous about how things would be in real life, but it was so much better than I imagined! After a few days it felt like I had known him in person forever :3

Then we drove him back up to where I live, and he stayed at my house for another 5 nights. We visited some places around where I live, and did a lot of hugging :3 He got on a train back to Sydney just a few hours ago, and I miss him like crazy already. He'll fly back to Sweden on Monday, and then earliest we'll be able to meet again is next Christmas.

So, that's our story. As far as parents go, his asked him about what kind of relationship he had with me a few months ago, and he told them that we were in a long distance relationship. They reacted really well, and were so nice when we met them! I was a little hesitant to tell my dad and put it off until a week before we met, but after months of talking constantly he'd figured it out anyway. I think he has some concerns about exactly what's going to happen in the future (he doesn't want me to leave the country!), but after seeing how happy we were this week, hopefully he'll change his mind :)

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to give any help I can. I'm just sitting around on the internet now and trying to distract myself from how empty my room feels :P Oh, and if my boyfriend reads this, I miss you already cutie! Thank you for an amazing week and I can't wait til next Christmas :D

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