[All] ending of Lis 1

@all So I cannot answer everyone bc of you all my head is spinning :p

And I don't even know if anyone is reading this but I read every comment and thought about it. I played Lis a little bit later. And I also have a "best friend" where I had a crush on when I was like 10 maybe 11 and realised that I am lesbian and I also had my first kiss with her lol. She and I stopped being friends when I was 13 bc you know different school and different friends (even if she lived right next to me) . And I remember going through a hard time and it was hard for me that she wasn't there. Like Max wasn't there for Chloe. Not only this, but after we were friends again (shortly after my 18 Birthday) my dependency on her grew. But I wasnt in love with her anymore. Even if I thought It sometimes and still think it sometimes. And the fact to think if I could save her or other people I would choose here. But when I played this game I realised that it's okay to let something go even if it's hurts. We spend so much time together and were so much open than before. But yh 6 years later and we get back to the point when we were 13. So yeah. I would say that I finally can let her go. And so can Max

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