In all fairness though, this post aged like milk the minute Mike posted this.

I have a unique hatred for pedo-loving pile of hot garbage. This guy was a fat ass for the majority of the time that he was governor. Then he lost a lot of weight and decided that it was time for Arkansas kids to get healthy. The only thing he did was take vending machines out of the schools. The asshole already cut funding for schools, so many Arkansas schools never had enough food for all of the students and schools were overcrowded since they merged a lot of small schools into larger schools, meaning many students also didn't have enough time to eat, nevermind enough food to eat. We were never allowed to go to our lockers during lunch (so we could, you know, get our lunch we brought from home), so I had to eventually snuggle fucking nuts or protein bars all morning just so I could have something to eat. Fuck Mike Huckabee.

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