All gas, no brakes

That's not nice and it was a religious family that owned it.

I know not all religious people are bad but most of the ones I've met were boarderline delusional sociopaths who only cared about themselves. Not to mention, these people tend to warp the meaning of Bible for their convenience.

My manager is like this, he's very religious, and he acts nice, but I know for a fact that he fucked around with me for a while. One of the shocking truth I've confronted with him was him giving a really shitty referal to a company I wanted to move to, and when I confronted him for the shitty referal, he said it was the "truth" and said he has done nothing wrong. Normally in my line of work, giving bad referals is like spitting on your own face.

The "truth" is being me trying to move to a different company by applying multiple companies and using vacay days for interviews, saying I will never be "loyal" to the company. That coming from a guy who literally got fired by his previous employee... I dunno.

The ex-gf never complained. I'm not there yet. I wished everyday that their shop would close ASAP and I would never let anyone I know ever go near that family.

I would torch that place if I were you.

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