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Anything for Warcog ?


Hero Set Name Rarity
Templar Assassin Epitaphic Bonds Mythical Bundle
Nyx Assassin Shadow Hunter Set Mythical Bundle
Axe Saberhorn's Armor Set Rare Bundle
Meepo Crystal Scavenger Rare Bundle
Pugna The Nether Grandmaster's Robes Set Rare Bundle
Slark Ocean Conqueror Rare Bundle
Kunkka Armaments of Leviathan Set Rare Bundle
Abaddon Darkness Wanderer's Armor Set Rare Bundle
Phantom Assassin Dragonterror Rare Bundle
Lich Eldritch Ice Set Rare Bundle
Lina Jini the Bright Moon Set Rare Bundle
Rikimaru Implements of the Tahlin Watch Set Rare Bundle
Lone Druid The Atniw's Fury Set Rare Bundle
Storm Spirit Heavenly General Rare Bundle
Witch Doctor Traveling Tale-Teller's Set Uncommon Bundle
Nil Legacy of the Year Beast Uncommon Loading Screen Bundle
Phantom Lancer Revered Arms Set Common Bundle
Queen Of Pain Wicked Succubus Set Common Bundle

Anything for Shadow Flame ?

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