All GIFTABLE Items Post Here

Sets I [H]ave

Sets Hero
Mentor of The High Plains Ember Spirit
Mnemonus Arcanus Invoker
Enchanted Plate of The Crimson Wyvern Dragon Knight
Vestments of the Ten Plague Necrophos
Fashion of the Scorching Princess Lina
Arms of Burning Turmoil Chaos Knight
Bobusang's Traveling Necessities Tusk
Heart of The North Crystal Maiden
The Bonehunter Bloodcyka
Starrider of the Crescent Steel Luna
Red Mist Reaper Axe
Penumbral Vesture Phantom Assassin
Dreadhawk Armor Vengeful Spirit
Strength of The Demon Stone Earth Spirit
Heavy Armor of the World Runner Space Cow
The Hierophant's Protection Omniknight
Amberlight Rainment Enchantress
Sky-High Warship Gyrocopter
Viridi Inanitas Faceless Void
Elemental Ice Infusion Tony, tradable opened
Peculiar Prestidigitator Rubick

Sets I [W]ant

Sets Hero
Bestowments of the Divine Anchor* Kunkka
Shadow Flame* Dazzle
Reminiscence of Dreams* Puck
Wandering Harlequin's Regalia Rubick
Acid Hydra Venomancer
Epitaphic Bonds Templar Assassin
Formed Alloy Alchemist
Forsaken Beauty Medusa
Agaric Flourish Treant Protector
Engulfing Spike Magnus
Sanguine Royalty QOP of Pain

*) willing to trade with multiple sets of mine

Bolded items are my top priority

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