We all know the poblem. So how about SOLUTIONS!!!

These devices are actually in plain site! Well where I come from they have no problem putting it out there for everyone to see. I can tell that everything that is going on is a reality and not some made up mental disorder or any of the b.s that others are constantly trying to silence us about . I live in a community of gangstalkers! Not everyone just those who make it a point to stand out and be known. I can only imagine what it is like in bigger cities. Compared to a small town where everyone knows just about everyone. Its easy to spot them.

I can say from my point of view that it is a harsh reality check! Everyday waking up and having to put on a smile just to hide your truth and pain. Watching family member's playing the role while knowing what your gong through. Having no privacy and being tortured with devices that track every move you make. Society has spoken and its a clear message well at least it is here. And that is why I put up with all this. It maybe someone's else's message. But its not mine never will be.

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