"Is that all?!"—Superette owner reacts to two year, eight month sentence of pistol-wielding robber

I get the precedent thing, yeah yeah that's cool whatever, keeping it standardized and some consistency. I get that.

But surely we can tweak shit ever so slightly and not be stuck to the hyuck hyuck that's the way it's always been done.

Since the way it's always been done doesn't seem right.

Surely even just a modest nudge of 25-50% longer potential maximum sentences for violent shit at least would be a good start?

At least on the lower end. I can appreciate the idea there isn't much to be gained sometimes when it 15 vs 20 years, the Scandanavians can give us some lessons there, but surely 1-3 years for violent af shit needs a look at, getting a year or two for potentially killing or maiming someone is just a joke and doesn't seem a detterant.

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