All thoughts welcome.

Hey, I'm sorry you're feeling shit rn. Idk what kind of direct hateful messages you got, but that is unacceptable. You shouldn't be getting hate, but the internet tends to remain full of people who insist on spreading short, snappy hatred instead of trying to have civil discussion.

I'm not really sure which beliefs of yours are right wing, and obviously idk what people were thinking writing out their comments/messages..(I don't claim to speak for the community at all, these are just my thoughts)

I think it's possible people had a kneejerk reaction to your post because of the many actively harmful things being pushed by the right wing parties that directly impacts them based on their identity. I hope you'll give people the benefit of the doubt (as much as is tolerable given you seem to be distressed atm) and try to sympathize with their point of view. Even though your intentions weren't hostile, for some people your mere mention of conservatism might feels that way. Because conservatism has always been opposed to their existence or rights.

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