We all know that vaccines are a poison that we insert into children's bodies. So reddit, how do we overthrow the government to make vaccines illegal so that we may protect our dying kids from having autism?

Start as a grassroots movement. Get as many people behind your cause as possible, use whatever you can. After you have a decent following, start harassing some of the more gullible celebrities on twitter and get them to start shilling for your movement. The more religious the celebrities, the better. Pick one religion and stick with it though, you want a solid foundation to work off of.

After that, start your own brand of whatever religion you picked. Again, hopefully you've started from a common foundation so you can pull in neighboring sects and celebrities. Apply for tax exempt status, receive tax exempt status. Start hammering tithing into you disciples. If you want to be ballsy, do this before tax exemption.

Get personal meet and greets with slightly less gullible celebrities. Try your best to woo them with a heap of positive praise and gifts. It's best if you get all your followers to overwhelm their social media feeds so they're seeing the majority of your content. Once they're in, quickly wean them off all of the pandering so they want to please you. This leads to devotion, as they want to earn back the rewards they were given earlier. Anyone that is able to see through this should be small enough not to cause an impact. Anyone who doesn't should have the potential to become a major player in the social world. The offer of legitimate acting classes or other similar services should absolutely be on the table, since they allow you to easily discover young talent.

Implement a type of prayer that involves a breakdown of personalities within your church. Involve a set of mantras or practices that continue to remove individuality and encourage your supporters to form a dependent bond to the collective and your teachings.

Once you have a decent following, and therefore a steady stream of capital, create one or more shell companies that present themselves as medical consultants, or something similar. Involve yourself with the medical field. If possible, offer a legitimate service to pharma companies. Once you have a decent foothold, start producing studies that suit your goals. Be careful about where you publish and how you disseminate your information, artificial or not. Buy journalists and individuals that review scientific papers if necessary. Try your hardest to optimize spread while reducing risk. At least one person versed in this sort of thing should be involved in your organization at this point.

Find small scale officials with charisma and potential that are sympathetic to your cause. Fund their campaigns. The more you get, the better your chances of gaining membership. Optimally, find ones with potential and aspirations to climb the government ladder and charisma. Remember, as long as they are able to further your agenda and continue to be electable, they're a good investment. Drop people as soon as they become bad investments.

Start small, focus on a community. Once that community is under your control, reach higher to counties, and then eventually expand to state government. Multiple seeds per community would be optimal, as it allows your ideas to propagate through many people. For those that resist, being relocating members to the area and brute force your views. Be as subtle as possible though, blatancy has been the downfall of many movements. All you need is a majority vote. Strategy is important.

Expand to neighboring states that are likely to have a sympathetic population. Continue to support rising politicians. At some point, you'll have enough states, enough research, enough publications, and enough money to push on to a larger scale. Many niche groups have been lead by millionaires, or even billionaires, only to suffer defeat due to nearsightedness. Plan the long game.

At this point, you should have enough sway to swing a state or two to your whim. Start large scale proselytizing. Start as many small groups as you can and assign overseers to ensure maximum spread. Ensure loyalty. Attract with kindness, get them dependent on emotional rewards, then get them completely hooked by decreasing the rewards as they become closer to the collective. You should already have a decent system in place for this. You're beyond lucky if you don't, but do it as soon as possible.

From there, rinse and repeat until you could have enough support in the federal government to pork-barrel a minuscule ruling that fits your cause. Once that's in place, escalate. Keep going as far as you can. Once you get enough followers, you could control a country.

This is all broad and best case scenario, but I think it's probably doable.

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