All words are objects or concepts. To exist an object must have a shape and a location. This is the only physically consistent way to define the concept of exist.

Well, not really. One can argue that my mind is the electricity in my brain, just as one can argue that software is the movement of electrons in the hardware. But while my brain and hardware have a shape and an objective location (by which I mean that it has borders and does not blend into it‘s surroundings), my mind and software do not. For example: Is the electricity flowing from my sensory nervous cells to my brain part of my mind? If you cut them off, my mind would remain intact (for a while), but if I was born without them, I would not have survived a year and if you cut off only a part (eyes or ears, for example) i would remain the exact same person, if I had been blind or deaf since birth however, I would probably be a totally different person. And about computers: Electrons are very weird, as physics would tell you, being something of an object with exact location and a wave (if this translation is correct) in one.

In short: Software, rain and the mind are all some sort of movement or change of objects, which makes it hard to define them as objects themselves

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