Alliance Recruitment Megathread Mk2

Replacing Existing Member - 1 spot  Hurry!

• Alliance Name: Inhuman Federation

•  Description: Communication is the biggest part of the guild and use of discord is required and you need to be active to communicate with leaders. We are a strong guild with a focus on the future. Looking for dedication and active players. We try to work together to create a strong team. We need people who are looking forwards in the game with a positive outlook. If this is you please get in touch!

•  Requirements:

i. LVL 64+

ii. Minimum 370k CP

iii. Minimum 130k STP

iv. Daily Activity (in-game and Discord)

v. 600 Tickets, Active :)   

•  Contact Details: Knight\_Stalker#8867 - Discord (Please have a Screen shot of your main page to view when applying )

•  Additional Notes: 

vi. Top 1 to 2 % for raids

vii. Top 450 guilds.

viii. T6 Ultimus - 35%

ix. T5 Ultimus -100%

x. Thanos - 80%
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