Allow people to play retail while waiting in queue for Classic

Yep! We just did it last night and had a blast. We actually all got to play together at the same time, started at level one.

Now our entire friend group (~8 of us) are all caught up, we can actually log on together instead of "HEY GUYS ITS NOON, make sure you log on right now so we can play in 6 hours! also, make sure you completely clear your scheduled for this!"

People are making it out to be hard... because they are planning/wasting most of their time just sitting in queue... the time they are spending in queue could be time spent rerolling.

Legit.. the herod queue the other day was 4+ hours... in 4 hours you can already have a brand new lvl 12 toon on a new server with zero queue...

(and we even moved to a full server still... its still full, we sat in queue last night for 5 min, then all played. so... why sit in queue for 4 hours? why?)

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